The clutch is a fundamental element within the mechanical part of a vehicle and, due to the continuous use that is made of it, it is quite susceptible to breakage or failure due to wear.

Damage Prevention Tips:

  • Absolute cleanliness is essential. Even touching the clutch with greasy hands can lead to future clutch performance problems.
  • The clutch spline must be properly greased. Using too much grease can cause clutch malfunction.
  • Also, check the warping before installation.
  • To avoid possible damage to the spline, do not force the clutch disc to face the primary shaft.
  • The fixing screws must be tightened according to the requirements, tightening crosswise and with the specified tightening torque.
  • Adjacent components and the area around the clutch should also be inspected during clutch replacement. If any of the adjacent components are broken or defective, they must also be replaced.

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