The Car or Automotive intake system is the set of devices that allow the combustion air to enter the engine combustion chambers. This system supplies air to the engine.

The air intake is an element of cars installed on the outside of the car body and that serves to let air into the engine, the passenger compartment or another mechanical component.

At Carlos Repairs @Ridge, we help to channel the air from the outside to some mechanical element of the car, or just to introduce it into the passenger compartment and cool the interior air.

In general, the air intake is a functional element, although in some cases, as it is an element that is usually associated with sports cars, it can perform a merely aesthetic function.

The main function performed by the air intake in a car is to introduce air from the outside into the engine to help its cooling. For this reason, the air intake is an element that is usually installed near the engine, on the hood, especially in the case of cars with a front engine. And in the case of vehicles with an engine in the rear, they are usually located on the sides or at the bottom.

In addition to being an element that helps to cool the engine, the installation of an air intake can also be done to help the performance of other mechanical elements of the car, such as the brakes or the gearbox.

Get to know the importance of this:

  • The installation of an air intake helps the engine to work properly, maintaining high performance by introducing outside air and helping to avoid overheating, which could cause serious damage.

Since their manufacture, cars already have parts to take in air from the outside, although depending on the situations and the type of vehicle, they may not be enough and the installation of an additional air intake is necessary.

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